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Why would I be referred to a neurologist? Vascular Neurology These specialists evaluate, treat, and study diseases that affect the structure and function of the blood vessels supplying the brain. They often care for patients who suffer from conditions like stroke, hence the reason they're also called "stroke doctors."
Can severe allergies cause dizziness? Dizziness as a Symptom of Food Allergies It's possible for food allergies and for other types of allergies to make you feel dizzy. When the mucus partially or fully blocks your inner ear, it does more than affect your hearing—it also can make you dizzy or even cause vertigo (a severe form of dizziness).
Can you die from dizziness? For some people, this dizziness is caused by a gradual drop in blood pressure. The condition is called orthostatic hypotension, and between 29 percent and 64 percent of people suffering from this blood pressure decline died during the 10-year study, depending on how quickly they became dizzy.
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